Head Injury Lawsuit Naming Kansas City Chiefs Triples In Size

Dec 24, 2013

It may take  two years to get to trial, but nine former Kansas City Chiefs players are signing on to a lawsuit claiming the team glossed over concussions, leading to permanent brain damage.

The team has declined to respond publicly to the allegations. The pleadings are included among documents filed with Jackson County Circuit Court.

The nine join five original members of the lawsuit, all former Chiefs players who say the team turned a blind eye on scientific research about head trauma.

Independence, Mo., lawyer Kenneth Mclain said it was common practice for  years.

“If a player received a concussion they would revive them with smelling salts and put them back on the field sometimes with mild analgesics or pain reducing medicines, based on the reports of the players,” Mclain said.

Among the former Chiefs suing are Hall of Famer Art Still.

Mclain said nearly a dozen more former Chiefs players may join in seeking damages, based on individual cases.