Ground Breaking Today In Olathe For Bioscience And Food Safety Center

Nov 12, 2009

Kansas City , Mo. – Officials with the Kansas Bioscience Authority and K-State are breaking ground later this morning for an animal health and food safety center in Olathe. It's the first building of the so-called Olathe Innovation Center, funded with revenue generated by the one-eighth cent sales tax Johnson Countians approved last year. CEO Dan Richardson says the center will become be a destination spot for people interested in learning what's happening around animal health and food safety.

Richardson: "You can come and eat a nice meal, but you can come if there is an outbreak of salmonella in your jalapeno peppers, or E Coli in your spinach. You can come there and there will be interactive capabilities to learn more about food safety."

The Olathe Innovation Center will be a graduate school adjunct campus to K-State in Manhatten. Officials hope to generate research on products that can later be manufactured by companies in the Animal Health Corridor.