Glitches Reported For Early Morning Voters In KCMO | KCUR

Glitches Reported For Early Morning Voters In KCMO

Nov 4, 2008

Kansas City, MO – An election snafu stalled voting for hours in central Kansas City, Missouri this morning.

Thousands of voters in Kansas City lined up well before 6 this morning. But when the polls opened at several sites in the central part of the city, election workers had bad news: The wrong voter registration books had been delivered.

Jason Semour says he's voted at the same location for 12 years, and never seen delays. This morning, Semour says he waited, with about 200 others, for two hours until workers finally delivered the right voter registration book.

"Everybody in line was rolling their eyes," says Semour. "And going 'How in the world can this happen in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2008?' Very discouraging. Very suspect."

The voting book mix up appears to have been contained to one, heavily Democratic ward. Kansas City elections officials didn't respond to phone inquiries about the problems.

Across the Kansas City region, voters report long, but generally fast moving, lines, and lots of poll workers in place.