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Funkhouser Veto Survives Override Attempt

Aug 14, 2009

Kansas City, MO – When a judge said the limitations that banned the mayor's wife from her City Hall volunteer post were unconstitutional, the council re-wrote them and put them back.

On Thursday, the mayor announced that he was vetoing the restoration.

His opponents were caught on legislative day with two supporters of the changes absent and needing 8 votes to override. They got five.

But it's hard to call it a Funkhouser victory when members who did not vote to override had comments like those of Sharon Sanders Brooks and Beth Gottstein.

Sanders Brooks told the mayor, "The public is sick of the bickering between the mayor and the council. My constituents could really give a rat's tail (most of them) about whether your wife is here or not."

Gottstein added, "I want this to end. But understand, I also think you need to rethink why you bringing your family to city hall and why you insist that you can't operate here without them."

The mayor didn't say whether his wife will be back at her full-time volunteer post.

There was some talk among those that favor the limits on family member volunteers about seeking a compromise with Funkhouser.