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Ft. Leavenworth Puts Focus On Soldier Health

Feb 22, 2009

The military's recent effort to improve soldiers' mental health has reached Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

Some 400 mid-career soldiers at the base's one year professional training school recently heard from a panel of chaplains and behavioral health staff. Lieutenant Colonel Lanier Ward is in charge of academics and says the event marks a new addition to orientation at the school. Ward says he hopes this - along with other new initiatives - will reduce the stigma of asking for help.

Lanier: "Oftentimes, they may be in physically great shape, and it's a question to them of if you hurt your ankle, would you go to the doctor? Well of course I would go. But oftentimes with the mental health / behavioral health issues that arise from stresses, they sometimes end up just like many of us in society do - saying if I go for help, I'm admitting weakness. And that's what we want them to get over - is that no, you're not admitting weakness. You're admitting that you have a problem, that you need assistance, so that you can continue to have a fruitful life."

Ward also says Ft. Leavenworth is expanding its behavioral health staff and is hiring a neuro-psychologist. The increased focus on soldier health is part of the army's overall effort to battle growing rates of suicide and post traumatic stress.

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