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Friends, Family, Police Hunt For Missing Nurse

Jan 12, 2009

Kansas City, Mo. – As many as one hundred people and Kansas City police officers tried to walk through rugged terrain searching for traces of a missing mother of three.
From a quarter mile wide swath of vines and gullies West of highway 169 and northwest 68th Street and beyond, they looked for any trace of 35 year old Renee Pernice. She lives nearby. Mrs. Pernice has not been seen or heard from since New Year's day or shortly afterward. Friends and family fear for her. Debbie Budenbender says she has never known her niece to disappear on her own.
Ms. Brudenbender:
" I think when you love someone you never give up hope.I think maybe your hope is defined in different ways. I just hope to recover her, dead or alive. She's my niece."
Police told searchers to look for any trace of someone disposing of evidence, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies or disturbed earth. Mrs. Pernice's house remained sealed and guarded by police at last report.