Francis Bacon And The Gulf Oil Spill | KCUR

Francis Bacon And The Gulf Oil Spill

Dec 7, 2011

On today's show, a conversation about the influence of 17th Century Renaissance poets on modern environmental thought. Modern environmental thought breaks down into two different schools. One says science can create new technology to solve the environmental crisis, and the other school of thought calls that approach pure hubris, and argues for a more ethical treatment of nature in the first place. We'll speak with Johnson County Community College English professor Anthony Funari about how the origins of this modern debate lies in the 17th Century writings of Francis Bacon.

Anthony Funari, Francis Bacon and the 17th-Century Intellectual Discourse

Join our guest for a book talk on Thursday, Dec 8th 7 p.m. in the Hudson Auditorium in the Nerman Museum at JCCC. The event is free open to the public.