Ford Takes Missouri Offer; $400 Million Buildup Seen | KCUR

Ford Takes Missouri Offer; $400 Million Buildup Seen

Jan 18, 2011

Kansas City, Mo. – People who depend upon the Ford Claycomo Plant had encouraging words today from the automaker and Missouri's Governor. The number of full-time jobs won't change and the plant will make a $400 million expansion with help from the State.

Ensuring jobs, there will be a new vehicle made at Claycomo, although the company will say neither what it will be nor when production will start. The F-Series truck will still be made there.

Ford pledges to keep full-time jobs for 3,750 men and women.

Ford had considered closing the factory until Missouri offered expansion incentives, designed with Ford in mind. Ford Motor Group Vice President Ziad Ojackli signed the agreement with Missouri Department of Economic Development, taking note--"The State of Missouri approved tax incentives played a very important role in Ford's decision and the company's commitment to this investment."

The Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act was passed last Fall during a special session of the state legislature. Qualified employers must enter into a contract with the state to create or keep a specific number of jobs and make significant capital investment in production. The payback comes from part of withholding taxes for jobs that were created or retained.

While it's not clear when the plant will start expanding, it won't begin until the current SUV Escape model line is moved to a plant in Louisville, Kentucky.