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The 'Flexbook': A Textbook Replacement

Who needs textbooks any more? And given how much they cost, even if you do need them, it's a huge expense in university education.

A Kansas State University professor has created a textbook replacement. It's called a "flexbook," and Brian Lindshield is using it for his Human Nutrition class. And get this: the free.

Based on the Google Docs platform, the flexbook is an open collaborative platform Lindshield created to help students save money on course materials and to help students and instructors gain access to rapidly changing information.

In the second portion of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with Brian Lindhield about the flexbook, and what he hopes it will provide to his students.

A native of Lindsborg, Kansas, Brian Linshield played basketball and earned his Associates of Science degree from Pratt Community College. He then transferred to Kansas State University to major in Nutritional Sciences. After graduating from Kansas State with his B.S. in Human Nutrition, he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to pursue his Ph.D. In 2008 he completed his degree and was hired back to Kansas State University. He is a Wakonse Fellow, a past participant of the Kansas State University Peer Review of Teaching Program, and was the 2010 Pratt Community College Alumnus of the Year & Commencement Speaker.