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Favorite Love Songs: "Moonglow"

Feb 13, 2012

Reporter Dan Verbeck talks about a romantic theme from the 1955 movie "Picnic."

"The movie was filmed mostly in Kansas in 1955," Verbeck said.

"The 'Moonglow' theme has a special tingly quality to it. There are two people dancing in a small park beside a stream at a Labor Day picnic," he said. "My wife grew up in a rural town about ten miles from where the picnic scene was filmed."

"They have some towns in central Kansas where not a lot goes on, so when a Hollywood movie crew comes in and neighbors and friends become extras it's going to be very popular and have popular theme music," Verbeck said.

"It became a big deal for my wife Sylvia," he said. "Every so often we watch the film at home, every few years, and the music to it is exceptionally poignant to our relationship and I think to a lot of other people."

Haven't heard of the film? Here's the original trailer.