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Favorite Love Songs: "Carinhoso"

Feb 13, 2012

KC Currents' Sylvia Maria Gross tells us about a Brazilian anthem for unrequited love.

"She says 'my heart, I don't know why, beats happily when I see you,' " Gross translates the Portuguese lyrics of the song "Carinhoso" to English.

She continues alongside the singer's voice, " 'And my eyes will smile and follow you down the road, but still, you run away from me.' "

"So that's the beginning part of it, and it's so sad and beautiful," Gross says with a smile and dramatic sigh. "This is the song that occurred to me because I find myself singing it in my head a lot. It's a Brazilian song called 'Carinhoso,' which means affectionate."

"I know before I got married I, as many people, have been a victim of unrequited love," she says. "It's about somebody who is pining for the love of someone who doesn't pay attention to them, but if only they knew how affectionate I am then of course they would fall in love with me."

"I almost thought about having it played at my wedding, but my rabbi and friends told me it wouldn't be appropriate," she says.