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Exit Interview Tape Supports Eckersly Firing Story

Kansas City, MO –
Fired Blunt administration attorney Scott Eckersly says he recorded the personnel session at which he got his walking papers. And the St. Louis Post Dispatch has posted a profanity-laced excerpt from the tape of Eckersly's exit session with Blunt Chief of Staff Ed Martin on its web site.

The excerpt seems to substantiate Eckersly's claim that he was fired for insisting that the Blunt administration was breaking the law by deleting e-mails.

Blunt has insisted that Eckersly was fired for conducting personal business on state time and receiving e-mails from a porn site.

A Jackson County Judge today split Eckersly's defamation and wrongful firing lawsuit among four separate state courts. The part about the termination will be tried in Jefferson City. The defamation claims must be heard in four different counties where reporters received materials Blunt's staff sent out.

Click here for audio excerpt at stltoday.com