DVD Gurus: Favorite Documentary Picks

Jason Heck and Mitch Brian share their list of outstanding documentaries available on DVD with Up to Date host Steve Kraske.

Kansas City, MO –


Documentary films give viewers an in-depth glimpse into subjects oftentimes glossed over in short articles or missed completely.

Documentaries in recent years have transitioned from talking-heads to a more "movie-like" quality featuring plot lines. New technologies allow non-filmmakers to try their hand at telling stories. And they're attracting new audiences, too.

DVD Gurus Jason Heck and Mitch Brian have some of their own favorites, and share their list with Up to Date host Steve Kraske.

Jason's Picks:
Harlan County USA
Deep Water
The Bridge

Mitch's Picks:
Stanley Kubrick's Boxes
Scott Walker:30 Century Man

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired