Dueling Rallies For Supporters, Opponents Of Governor's Tax Plan

Feb 8, 2012

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's plan to cut income and business taxes is getting both praise and criticism in Topeka. Supporters and opponents of the plan sounded off today at a pair of Statehouse rallies.

Terry Forsyth, head of the Working Kansas Alliance, says the governor should focus more on legislation designed to directly grow jobs and improve the economy. Forsyth says Brownback's tax proposal would actually increase taxes paid by low-wage workers.

"If you are a minimum wage worker, or you are an entry wage worker, and your taxes keep going up, are you going to be able to stay here? Are you going to be able to survive? Are you going to be able to thrive as a familY?" Forsyth said.

At a rally later in the day, Governor Brownback said his proposal will create a climate for job growth, which will help all Kansans.

"That's one of the best environments we can create for people to prosper and for us to reduce the number of children we have in poverty and for us to increase personal income," the governor said.

A House committee is holding three days of hearings this week on the governor's tax plan.