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Data Confirms Kansas City Ambulance Aid Worst In Northland

Nov 14, 2012

Kansas City’s elected leaders are now able to compare how well  city ambulance service makes timely arrival at emergencies, district-by- district of the community.

Deputy Fire Chief Donna Maize defines ambulance data for Kansas City Council public safety members.

City Council Members had sought the breakdown of data from the Fire Department since  January.

Ambulance District Number One in the northern parts of the city  had worst response, advanced life support crews arriving in acceptable time for 68 percent of calls late last summer.

It was 3 percent better by last month.

Ambulances from advanced life support should arrive within 9 minutes, 85 percent of the time over three months.

City wide it was 79 Percent.

Acting Fire Chief Paul Berardi said loss of an agreement providing ambulances for Southern Platte Fire Protection District frees up a unit for Northland service-- “and that happened on  October first. It had somewhat of an impact but to know what long term impact, we don’t know yet.”

The additional ambulance has been quartered at a North Oak Street fire station.

Council Committee members were told new protocols should improve service.