The 'Dark State' Of Kansas Government, And How Co-Parenting Can Ease Divorce Pains

Nov 13, 2017

Laura Bauer, left, and Judy Thomas both reported for 'The Kansas City Star' on the lack of transparency and public disclosure by the state government of Kansas.
Credit Luke X. Martin / KCUR 89.3

The Kansas City Star published on Sunday a long list of ways the state government in Topeka resists efforts to disclose information to the public. Today, we discuss The Star's assertions with reporters who broke the story and former state Rep. John Rubin, who tried to fix the problem from inside the Statehouse. Then, among other post-holiday events is an increase in the number of separations and divorces. Family psychologist Wes Crenshaw explains how a co-parenting approach can help smooth what is often a rough road for families with children.