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Council Rejects Northland Annexation

Feb 26, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Kansas City, Missouri will not annex 316 acres near the airport. The city council voted the proposal down Thursday, 8 to 5.

Sponsor Ed Ford called it "a gift from heaven" and a net revenue producer. The mayor, often a rival, joined with him in supporting annexing 316 acres near the airport that would eventually contain a subdivision of more than 659 new middle class homes.

But it was the reasoning of Jan Marcasson that prevailed.

She made reference to the fact that Kansas City's budget is strained by the city's geographical size and commented, "Annexing an area north of the airport further dilutes our scarce resources and is counter to all the arguments for strategically growing our city."

The eight council members who voted against the measure were concerned with the possible costs of providing police, fire and ambulance services and infrastructure maintenance.

The council also voted to reinstate a campaign contribution limit of $1500 in elections for mayor and council members and endorsed Google's idea of bringing higher-speed Internet service to Kansas City.