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Council Moves On Streetcar Expansion, Seat Belts

Apr 19, 2013

Kansas City, Missouri and North Kansas City are exploring extending the forthcoming downtown streetcar line into the Northland. Both city councils have now signed off on the collaboration.

The two cities have agreed to share the costs of a feasibility study expected to have a total tab of about a half a million dollars. Kansas City, Missouri councilman Jim Glover says it's a significant development even though there's no definite plan to expand the streetcar line yet.

Glover told the council, “It shows that this streetcar that we have started is what we said it would be: a citywide system. Because you can't be a citywide system unless you cross the river.”

Glover says plans are also being developed for expanding the streetcar line to the south, east and west. And, he says, North Kansas City approached Kansas City on this discussion. 

The city council also gave a final “yes” vote to a plan to make failure to use seat belts an offense that drivers could be pulled over for. First offense would mean a warning ticket, and after that a fine of up to $50.