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Council Calls For Quicker Ambulance Response

Nov 16, 2012

With a resolution passed yesterday, Kansas City's city council is getting more involved in fixing lagging ambulance response times. And  there's more involvement to come.


The council sent the city manager a resolution calling for him to take steps to shave off the half-minute or more added to response times by a new screening procedure for 9-1-1 calls.

But councilman John Sharp said it doesn't mean the council will be micro-managing.

“We aren't saying, 'Do it this way,' or 'Do it that way. We aren't saying, 'Go back to the old way of dispatching.' We are simply saying, 'Let;s decrease the time it takes to dispatch an ambulance,'” he said.

The council is asking the city manager to work with the fire department and a new emergency services coordinating committee to work out a solution.

Details on that coordinating committee will be discussed by the Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee Monday morning.