2:57 am
Fri October 15, 2010

Council and Mayor Clash Again on Appointments

Kansas City, MO – On the surface it seemed a simple request from the mayor -- the reappointment of two members of the commission that makes recommendations on proposed tax-increment-financing proposals.

The mayor introduced the resolution, saying, "These two individuals are serving and have been serving well. Both are desirous of being reappointed. I think you're familiar with both of them. I would like to have them reappointed."<
Without any debate, the council approved the reappointment of Margaret May to the TIF commission, but rejected Claudia Ornate Greim 8 to 3 with two members abstaining.

Some council members have criticized the mayor's TIF policies in the past. Some have been upset that he hasn't provided more information on nominees.

Those who voted against Greim chose not to comment.