Cop Crime Glares in Spotlight | KCUR

Cop Crime Glares in Spotlight

Jan 5, 2011

Kansas City, KS – Scandal is tearing at the Kansas City Kansas Police Department and it's led to arrests in the past 24 hours.

It's the stuff any police department dreads, calling in the FBI and federal prosecutor to look into crimes by officers or at least allegations of them. Rick Armstrong is Police Chief and faced reporters late today-- "several members of the police department have been arrested and suspended without pay. The U. S. Attorney's office and the Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office have been consulted during this investigation regarding the most appropriate jurisdiction for the prosecution of any and all criminal acts."

Armstrong said 4 officers from the elite SCORE unit, a swat team were arrested and released until it's decided whether state or federal prosecutors will charge them. There have been reports of a bogus SCORE Team raid set up by the FBI to see how police acted. And arrests followed. The first complaint came late last Fall.