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A Conversation With Scott Roeder's Ex-Wife

Jul 27, 2009

Kansas City, MO – The man suspected of gunning down abortion Dr. George Tiller in his Wichita church in late May will have a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. Since his arrest, Scott Roeder has said from his jail cell in Witchita he's "being treated like a criminal," and that similar anti-abortion violence is in the works. The Department of Justice confirms it has increased security around abortion providers and clinics cross the country, but officials will not discuss the details.

Meanwhile, Roeder's ex-wife, Lindsey, has gone back to her job. She and her son, Nicholas, who lives with her, are temporarily out of the glare of the international media that followed her ex-husband's alleged crime. KCUR's Laura Ziegler sat down with Lindsey Roeder to talk about her relationship with Scott Roeder, and the impact of the recent arrest, and the one in the mid-90's for carrying explosives, among other things.

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