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Cons Aim For Block Tax Filers

Feb 6, 2012

A phishing scam is being reported around the country targeting customers of Kansas City headquartered H&R Block, Inc.

Intended victims typically get text messages claiming problems with debit cards.

The mark gets a text leaving a phone number to call and the victim is asked for private information including credit card numbers. Gene King speaks for the tax preparation giant and says they don’t think Block’s systems have been hacked.

King believes the calls are random.

“We’re advising recipients not to respond to the text, not to call the number provided, nor should they offer any personal information anytime, whatsoever,” King said.

According to King, the scammers try to gain confidence of people they contact by referring to their Block Emerald Card, a form of debit card used to retrieve tax refunds. Not every intended victim actually has one of these cards.

King said an investigation is underway to learn who is running the scam.  And he says H&R block never sends clients messages asking for personal information.