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Concealed Carry In Public Buildings, Library Mashes Up Old And New, Leo Beuerman

Apr 30, 2013

New KC Library Bridges Centuries, Riles Historians

A new branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library is built around a historic mansion.
Credit Alex Smith / KCUR

These days, the internet can give you answers about almost everything in a few minutes, without you even leaving your chair. This leaves old-fashioned libraries with a problem: how to get people back to the stacks. One local library  has a unique solution for facing the future: embracing the past. The new branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library literally connects a 21st century building with a pre-Civil War home.

Kansas Gun Law Puts Pressure On Local Governments

A new law in Kansas takes the some of the right to regulate where and how residents can carry handguns away from local governments, in favor of a consistent state law.  Among other things, it will allow concealed carry in public buildings. Hear how cities are reacting to the new legislation.

Remembering Leo, The Little Man Of Lawrence

Anyone living in Lawrence in the 1950s and '60s will likely remember a little man who used to sit on the sidewalk downtown, selling pencils from a little, red cart. His name was Leo Beuerman. In 1969, his life's story was turned into a documentary, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Today, a professor of special education is trying to revive interest in that documentary.

Cagey Issues For Egg Industry

Eggs are simple, versatile and very popular. The average American consumes about 250 eggs each year. However, the poultry business is anything but simple -- there’s the environmental challenge of caring for the millions of hens that lay all those eggs  But improvements in this vast and diverse industry take time.

Five Things Former Mayor Reardon Is Proud Of Accomplishing

The popular, two-term head of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City , Kansas said that there were things he regretted he didn’t get done. In an exit interview, he also highlights successes, like the growth of West Wyandotte County.

Kansas Renga: Al Ortolani

A renga is a collaborative form of Japanese poetry, usually about nature. Here, each poet had just 48 hours to write 10 lines about the Kansas landscape.  And then the next poet wrote 10 more in response to the previous poem. The poets in To the Stars Through Difficulties range from laureates like Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, to unpublished writers just starting out. We're airing the work of different poets throughout the month of April.

The Epic Tale Of A Man, A Motorcycle And A Breast Cancer Bracelet

Earlier this year¸ Luis Belaustegui attempted to complete a long, brutal journey in an unprecedented way. Hear about his adventures – and misadventures—racing in the Dakar Rally. 

A New CD For The Grisly Hand

The Grisly Hand mixes country, folk, soul, blues, rock and pop.  Lauren Krum and lead guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Fitzner talk about the release of their first  full-length album.