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Committee Reaction Mixed On Light Rail Starter Route

Jul 18, 2008

Kansas City, MO – The light rail starter route before the Kansas City council had its debut on the committee floor Thursday and met mixed reaction.

The ordinance proposed by Councilman Russ Johnson features 12 miles of track from Vivion Road through downtown to Cleaver Boulevard and East to Prospect. Johnson told the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee the public will vote for it and i eager for the chance to do so.

But three committee members - John Sharp, Melba Curls and Terry Riley - said they won't support a plan that doesn't extend to at least 63rd and Prospect. Riley called said the plan "looks like a little 'touristy' line that just happens to go over east of Troost."

ATA officials said the expected first-phase funding won't support the added two miles. The debate continues next week.