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Cleaver Urges Restraint As Democrats Party

Nov 4, 2008

Kansas City, MO – There were several hundred hard core Democrats at the Midland Theater last night. Ecstatic, would be a pretty good word to describe them.

But heady as President Elect Obama's victory was and as much as they relished the gains in the Senate and House, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, fresh off his own very convincing win, says the Democratic government about to take over had better not get too cocky.

"We cannot over reach. I mean we've got to put our agenda in place, but we can't run over people. We can't oppress the Republican minority as we were. We can't allow that to come into the picture, and it's going to be hard."

Cleaver says Congress will pass an economic stimulus package this month, one that will fund state and city roads, sewer and bridge projects, and likely extend unemployment benefits. In January he says Obama and the new government will set about reversing the mess left by the current administration.