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Citizens Again Not Satisfied

Nov 6, 2009

Kansas City, MO – City Auditor Gary White presented the latest quarterly citizen satisfaction survey to the city council yesterday, and it was no cause for celebration.

Overall, there wasn't much change from the preceding quarter.

Maybe there was another slight gain in satisfaction with the way streets and public facilities are being maintained. Definitely more people were unhappy about bulky item trash pickup and difficulty reaching a representative at the 3-1-1 city services number.

And the scores for leadership by the mayor, council and city manager and whether the city conducts business ethically were still miserably low, prompting council member Beth Gottstein to remark, "Those scores eclipse eveything else. And I would urge my colleagues to look real harshly at the statistics, at ourselves, and we need to come together and figure out what to do about this."

Colleague Melba Curls wondered whether the questions were worded in a way that prompted negative responses. But the auditors and the mayor noted that the same questions produce much more favorable answers in other cities.