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Child's Drawings Connect Modern-Day Waldo To The 1930s

Oct 10, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – This story begins with a secret in the attic, like any good mystery should. Ellyn Butler is a 27-year-old graduate of UMKC with a BA in art. She's lived in an old house in Waldo for the past three years. One night in June, as the clock neared midnight, Butler and her new roommate decided to explore the attic.

Under the floorboards, they found a stash of crayon drawings, done by a child, probably more than 50 years ago.

Faster than she thought possible, Butler had located the artist, Virginia Davis, who is now 82 years old and lives in Overland Park. Davis had made the drawings 74 years ago, when she was only 8, and lived in that house in Waldo. She thinks her older sister had hidden the drawings under the floorboards.

Soon after their initial meeting, Butler invited Davis to visit the house. Visiting her childhood home and seeing the drawings sparked many memories for Davis. Her father had built the house during the Great Depression.

74 years after their creation, the drawings resulted in a strong friendship between Virginia Davis and Ellyn Butler.

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