Children Hurt In Bizarre Daycare Tandem Wreck | KCUR

Children Hurt In Bizarre Daycare Tandem Wreck

Jul 30, 2013

Three children were  injured after an SUV  rammed a parked car, driving it into an east side Kansas City daycare building.

Some victims were trapped, needing rescue at the scene near 27th and Monroe.

In early afternoon, a Range Rover driven by a man police think is about 80, rammed a Cadillac parked on 27th,  according to Kansas City officers.

Police Captain Tye Grant said the car was pushed, then angled sideways and  forced through the sidewalk side-wall and doors of Christian Academy. 

The Rover also partly penetrated with injured driver at the wheel.

Firefighters say 2 children were caught under the car and had to be rescued. 

A third child and the SUV driver were also  hurt and taken to hospitals.

Daniel Majok is 7 and said  his first thought was to go the the room where  his little brother was, then call their mother,“because I just heard a noise and  then I ran into the 2 year old room and grabbed my little brother. “  Daniel Majok, not injured nor was his brother said he I was—“ next to the door where it happened.”

Distraught parents were arriving to claim children who were safe. 

A few weeping adults whose children were among the injured were being consoled near the school.