Chiefs Keep Undefeated Record, Fans Win Guinness Record | KCUR

Chiefs Keep Undefeated Record, Fans Win Guinness Record

Oct 14, 2013

The crowd at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday broke the record for loudest roar at 137.5 decibels.
Credit Elana Gordon / KCUR

Through six games, the NFL is down to two undefeated teams, and the Kansas City Chiefs are one of them.

After their 24-7 victory over the Oakland Raiders, the Chiefs are tied for first in the AFC West with the NFL’s only other undefeted team, the Denver Broncos.

Arrowhead Stadium also had another milestone moment during Sunday's game.

Prior, the Guinness Book of World Records credited CenturyLink Field in Seattle as the venue with the loudest crowd roar for an outdoor sports stadium. But Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson traveled to Arrowhead Stadium to see if Seattle’s record could be topped.

"My role is to make sure that every record attempt that I attend has guidelines that are followed correctly to make sure that the attempt is fair so that I can actually state on the day whether is being successful or not," says Robertson.

In the final minute, it appeared that Seattle’s record would remain intact until Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor was sacked by the Chiefs defense for the tenth time on the day.

"And the noise just, it jumped one peak, 137.5, and a new Guinness world record," says Robertson. "Just incredible."

Perhaps it was years of pent up frustration from Chiefs fans who watched their team lose at home against the Raiders for six straight years before Sunday.