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Bill Will Speed KC School Intervention

Jan 25, 2012

No one appeared at a Jefferson City hearing today to testify against a bill that would speed  Missouri's  ability to take some charge of unaccredited Kansas City  schools.  There was support from a teachers’ association and the Missouri School Boards’ Association.

 Under current law, a district losing accreditation has two years to recover, a situation now facing the Kansas City district.

  The  bill written by Chillicothe Republican Representative Mike Lair changes the timeline to give the state what he calls "flexibility."  In Lair's words,  “Kansas City schools have been having problems for a while.   To sit back and wait two more years  would be, I think, unconscionable.”

The  sponsor  would  not characterize the measure  as  hurring  a  state takeover.

Lair said Speaker of  the House Stephen Tilley supports his bill.  Lair expects it to pass in committee.

 Lair’s measure would go into effect as soon as signed by the  governor  if, indeed, it is.

 Lair describes himself as  a retired public school history  teacher who wants to speed  recovery process for the school children of Kansas City.  The measure would  apply to any  school district in Missouri that loses accreditation.