Biden To Airmen: We Appreciate You And We'll Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Apr 16, 2009

Whiteman AFB, MO – Biden spoke in huge hanger, right in front of a B-2 bomber, one of the most expensive weapons systems ever developed about the need take care of the day to day needs of military personnel.

Biden: The only sacred commitment a nation has, is to prepare those we send, equip them with all they need, and care for whatever their needs are when they come home.

Biden mentioned that President Obama's budget calls for a 25 BILLION dollar boost in VA funding. That sat well with Technical Sergeant David Townsend, a convoy commander who was awarded the Bronze Star yesterday.

Townsend: The vets defiantly need to be taken care of. My father was a vet, my grandfather was a vet, and a lot of them lost of lot of benefits in the years since they've been retired, so I'm glad someone is finally helping out the vets.

Townsend, whose convoys were hit by two improvised bombs, and gun fire, will likely be deployed back to Iraq or Afghanistan, later this year.