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Battle Lines Drawn on Proposal to Scrap Missouri Income Tax

Nov 1, 2011

Kansas City, MO – The proposal to scrap Missouri's income tax to pass a constitutional amendment doing that, is being promoted by Rex Sinquefield, the same guy behind the state law, passed by voters last year, requiring votes on the earnings tax in Kanas City and St. Louis. Supporters say ending state taxes on income would ignite the state's economy. They say beefing up the sales tax would make back all the money the state will lose on income taxes, and more.
Opponents counter that it's an "everything tax" that would punish the people who can least afford it, the old and poor. Mark Jorgenson, the regional CEO for US Bank, and the Chairman of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City says it would hurt Missouri business.

"This would chase business into the neighboring state. And that would be devastating to business on the Missouri side of the state line," says Jorgenson.

The other big argument opponents have, is that the plan that might come before voters would leave a gaping, multi-billion dollar hole in the state budget. They launched their PR campaign against the proposal, in an attempt to head it off, before supporters get the signatures to put it on the ballot.