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Bannister Rebirth By Cerner On 2.5 Year Schedule

Jan 18, 2014

Visible occupancy of the new Cerner office complex in southeast Kansas City  will appear by late 2016.

The timetable was laid out by executives of the medical information giant, the Mayor and Missouri’s governor. 

Designer's rendition of Cerner 3-Trails Development.
Credit Cerner Corp

The numbers include  240 acres on site of the old Bannister Mall.

A $4.3 billion dollar development capable of eventually handling 15 ,000 new jobs.

Fifteen hundred jobs will be available early-on, according to Cerner president Zane Burke.

Mayor Sly James pointed at the economic border war of job swapping and poaching between Kansas and Missouri when he said,  “it’s not moving jobs across some line. These are new jobs. That builds a city. That builds out tax base. That brings people into the city.”

The complex is described as about to become the largest office layout in the state of Missouri.  

Kansas City gives it more than one and a half billion dollars in tax incentives.