Area Sudanese Vote In Omaha - Some Wait 12 Hours Outside In Blizzard Before Casting Vote

Jan 15, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri – There are more Southern Sudanese living in the Kansas City area than anywhere in the United States except Nebraska.

So many from this area were ready to cast ballots when voting began in Sudan, and among refugees around the world, in last weeks historic election to create an independent Southern Sudan.

Omaha was the closest of the 8 sites established by the International Office of Migration. But when the Kansas City contingent arrived, the scene was disorganized and chaotic. One of the community leaders told Laura Ziegler many stood in long lines during a blizzard for up to 12 hours before reaching the ballot box.

But Lual Deng Akoon explained why it was so important he and his fellow Southern Sudanese make the trip.