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Alcohol, No Drugs In Belcher Crimes

Jan 14, 2013

A relatively uncomplicated post-mortem report from the Jackson County Medical Examiner finds former Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher was legally intoxicated when he killed his longtime girlfriend and himself December 1st.

Other findings concur with Kansas City police accounts.

Belcher’s blood alcohol content at time of death was more than double the amount at which he could have legal driven a car.

The toxicology report released today  set a blood alcohol content of .17. The level of intoxication would seriously affect  a person’s judgement, according to Johnson County,Kansas Deputy Sheriff Ed Blake who said a law officer would  “have to intervene, get them off the road.”

The mayhem in the Belcher case was not by automobile.

Belcher’s death is listed as suicide from a 40 caliber bullet to the head. The report decides, as police had found, that Belcher’s girlfriend and mother of his child, Kasandra Perkins died  from a series of 9 gunshot wounds, several of which would have been fatal.

The toxicology  study  found  no illegal drugs present in body of either Belcher or Perkins.

Kansas City police officers who encountered him outside a woman’s mid town apartment hours before the shootings said Belcher  appeared disoriented at the time but could not confirm he had been drinking.

Perkins was killed at  the house she and Belcher shared in East Kansas City.

The autopsy report said one of the 9 millimeter bullet wounds struck her hand, as though she was trying to defend herself.

Belcher  drove to the Arrowhead practice facility where he shot himself in front of the Chiefs general manager and head coach.