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Accolades for Police, Ambulance Tax Vote

Nov 3, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City government snatched some relief from Tuesday's earnings tax repeal referendum. The Public Safety Sales Tax passed and was noted in Council Committees the day after.

Council members who sit on the panel dealing with public safety and neighborhood issues were glowing at the 15 year rebirth of the quarter cent sales tax. It passed with 70 percent approval. Fifth District Member Cindy Circo observed with--" It was tough for Kansas City with the Proposition A going down and we'll have to figure that out. But now we're ensured that we'll have public safety on the forefront."

The tax should raise a little more than a quarter billion dollars. Bonds will finance the major capital projects including a new crime lab and a pair of police stations. One will replace the aging North Patrol Station at U.S. 169 and Barry Road.