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5:30 pm: Sedalia, Mo. Update

Sedalia, Mo. – Emergency personnel in Pettis County and the city of Sedalia are accessing damage from tornadoes today. St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin is there and says officials feel lucky that it wasn't worse.

The heaviest damaged area now was alongside U.S. Highway 65 on the south side of town. Several businesses were hit by the tornado. We don't have the exact number of how many (businesses) destroyed or hit yet.

Right now, they have a command center set up along Highway 65. Traffic is backed up in that area as people head toward the damaged area.

There's also a mobile home park that sustained damage, Brentwood. There's a curfew in effect at the mobile home park: 9 pm - 6 am.

The good news is no deaths, roughly 15 - 20 people sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

That's Marshall Griffin reporting from Sedalia this afternoon.