2012 KC Press Club Entry for KCUR's "Up to Date" | KCUR

2012 KC Press Club Entry for KCUR's "Up to Date"

Feb 22, 2013


Radical monogamy or casual hookup -- what do teenagers choose when they start dating?  Psychologist Wes Crenshaw discusses what's healthy in teenage dating and how parents should broach the subject with their kids.  Three teenage (and former teenage) women join us for the younger perspective on sexuality, the social scene and what works for them.


Imagine growing up in a pretty standard nuclear family. Then when you're 15, your dad announces that he's gay and that he and your mom are getting a divorce.  A Fairway, Kansas woman thought she was the only one in that situation, until she connected with others online who experienced similar situations.  In this segment of Up to Date, guest host Brian Ellison welcomes Erin Margolin and Erin's father, Larry Best, to discuss their family's story and how she's developed a community, The Gay Dad Project, to offer support.  We also talk with Gay Dad Project co-founder Amie Shea about her family's story, and how she, Erin, and Jared Karol found each other and decided to develop the network.


It may be the tipping point: among the issues of discussion after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut: mental health and gun control.  Is it time to talk about gun control, or are America's existing gun laws adequate? 

Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle to kill 26 people, including first-graders. He also had two handguns with him. All three belonged - legally - to his mother, who he killed first before going to the school. Monday on Up to Date: a conversation about where this country goes from here when it comes to tough gun laws and a look at the thinking of a major gun-rights advocate in Kansas.

Steve Kraske talks with former Missouri state lawmaker Joan Bray who tried to introduce gun control legislation in the Missouri General Assembly, gun-rights advocate Sedgwick County Judge Phillip Journey, and UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler, author of Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.