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1950s Police Recruit To Govern Cops

Feb 26, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – One of Kansas City's most recognizable civic activists has been appointed by the Missouri Governor to the city's Board of Police Commissioners: Former policeman, a former member of the city council and mayoral candidate, Alvin Brooks.

Brooks is arguably best known for his creation of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime to bring better cooperation between the community and law enforcement. He is adamant people today understand that having more police won't stop crime.
Alvin Brooks says, "All credible studies will show it's not the police officer who will reduce crime, it's the collaboration between the police and the community. And then also a lot of prevention kind of programs. You can't arrest your way out of these kind of things."

Social service as crime prevention. Poverty fighting, says Brooks. He would replace James Wilson on the board, subject to state senate confirmation.