Laura Ziegler

Special Correspondent

Laura Ziegler began her career at KCUR as a reporter more than 20 years ago. She became the news director in the mid 1980's and  in 1988,  went to National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. as a producer for Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon.

In 1993, she came back to Kansas City as the Midwest correspondent for National Public Radio. Among the stories she covered - the floods of 1993, the ongoing farm crisis and rural affairs, and presidential campaigns.

After the birth of her 3rd child, Laura returned to KCUR as producer of Under the Clock, a weekly talk show broadcast live from Union Station. It was hosted by former Kansas City mayor Emanuel Cleaver. When he was elected 5th district Congressman in 2002, Laura returned to KCUR as a part-time reporter and producer.

Laura has won numerous awards for her work, including three regional Edward R. Murrow awards.

In 1992, Laura was awarded a Jefferson Fellowship in Journalism with the East West Center at the University of Hawaii which took her to China, Japan, Burma, Bangladesh and Thailand.  In 1990, she was part of a reporting trip to the then -Soviet Union with the American Center for International Leadership.

Laura graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from Vassar College.

She, her husband, and their three children - Julia, Ellie, and Benjamin, live with Laura's father in the house in which she was born.


3:46 pm
Mon December 20, 2010

Johnson County Can Expect New Voice In Topeka From Newly Elected Reps

Johnson County reps before the election in November. Many lost to conservative Republicans. Photo by Laura Ziegler

December 19, 2010 – Politics in Topeka will be whole new ball game when the legislature comes back next year.

There will be a Republican Governor for the first time in 8 years. Both the House and Senate will again have Republican majorities, but with more Tea Party conservatives among them.

Nowhere did the November elections have more of an impact than in Johnson County. The delegation now has one lone Democrat, where it was once a mix of Democrats, and moderate and conservative Republicans.

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4:20 pm
Mon December 6, 2010

For Local Sudanese Upcoming Elections Chance To Change Their Fate

On weekend evenings, Southern Sudanese play dominoes, cards, and watch the news from Sudan at a downtown community center in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Laura Ziegler

Kansas City, Missouri – Several thousand Southern Sudanese immigrants in and around Kansas City are trying desperately to take part part in a referendum next month half way across the world. Sudanese will vote on whether Southern Sudan will break away and become its own nation.

The country's Muslim majority in the North has waged war on the indigenous and Christian minorities in the South for years.

Millions have been killed, or left the country as refugees.

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Tracking NBAF
9:30 am
Fri November 19, 2010

President Of KBA Reacts To NBAF Risk Assessment

Two reports came out this week about the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, or NBAF.

The Department of Homeland Security released a risk assessment for the site, scheduled to begin construction in 2012 in Manhattan, Kan.

The National Academy of Sciences followed with a Congressionally mandated evaluation of that assessment.

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6:08 pm
Mon November 15, 2010

Committee Blasts Department Of Homeland Security Risk Assessment Report

Kansas City, Missouri – A report released today from a committee of the National Academy of Sciences is sharply critical of the Department of Homeland Security and its plans for a biosecurity lab in Manhattan , Kansas.

The National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, or NBAF, is a flagship project in the effort to make the region between Manhattan, Kansas City, and Columbia, Missouri a hub for animal science and food safety.

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3:16 am
Fri November 5, 2010

Election Montage Captures Campaign Excitement

It was festive at the Republican party on election night, and voters, for the most part, were elated. Photo by Laura Ziegler

Kansas City, Missouri – As the election week comes to a close, experts and analysts are just beginning the process of sorting through the data from a season that changed the political landscape in the country.

In Missouri and Kansas, the statehouses added to their Republican majorities, mirroring a national trend. The National Conference of State Legislators reports that a dozen states saw their legislatures flip from Democratic to Republican. Hundreds of Republicans got elected.

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1:38 pm
Wed November 3, 2010

Kevin Yoder Wins Kansas 3rd Congressional Seat

Victorious 3rd District Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder Tuesday night with volunteers. Photo by Laura Ziegler

Johnson County, Kansas – The 3rd Congressional District in Kansas will send a Republican to Washington for the first time in a dozen years. Congressman - elect Kevin Yoder ecstatically made that point as throngs of volunteers and supporters cheered his victory last night at the Overland Park Marriott.

Shouting "Yoder, Yoder," the 2-term Republican legislator sailed onto stage with dozens of so-called Yoder Voters, his volunteers throughout the long and sometimes ugly campaign.

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1:53 pm
Mon November 1, 2010

Implications Of Kansas Secretary Of State Race Don't Seem To Be Exciting Interest

Johnson County, Kansas – The race for Kansas Secretary of State has been referred to many times this election season as one of the most important races on the Kansas ticket.

That's because Kris Kobach, nationally recognized for his role in a controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona, says if he wins, he will have the Secretary's office more aggressively take on law enforcement responsibilities to respond to widespread voter fraud.

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1:21 pm
Mon November 1, 2010

Yoder Formidable Candidate In Kansas Third District

Johnson County, Kansas – If Democrat Stephene Moore wins in the Kansas 3rd Congressional District on November 2nd, she would be the first spouse in history to succeed a living incumbent.

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12:03 am
Thu October 7, 2010

Kansas House Races Could Change Face Of Johnson County Delegation

Johnson County, Kansas – Most of the conversation about Tea Party candidates this year has focused on national seats, with some stunning upsets that affirm voter frustration with the persistent economic problems and the Obama administration.

The impact of the frustration is trickling down to local and state races. A majority of statehouse races in Kansas, for example, and countless races at the county and precinct level have conservative or independent candidates and are generating enthusiasm.

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10:25 am
Wed October 6, 2010

Former Kansas City Congresswoman Karen McCarthy Dies At 63

Kansas City, Missouri – Representative Karen McCarthy has died in an Alzheimer's Unit in Johnson County.

McCarthy's family revealed last year the former legislator and Congresswoman was battling a rare form of Alzheimer's disease. The family also said McCarthy had suffered from bipolar disorder for many years, as well.

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8:35 am
Thu September 23, 2010

Moore,Yoder More Aggressive In Second Debate

Kevin Yoder, Jasmine Talbert, Stephene Moore at today's 3rd District debate in Overland Park. Photo by Laura Ziegler

Overland Park, Kansas – The candidates for the third Congressional District in Kansas tried to win votes during a 90 minute debate before a crowded lunch meeting of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce today. They hit all their talking points - harder than they have in the past.

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6:20 pm
Fri September 17, 2010

Moore, Yoder Try To Sound Different Notes In First Debate

Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas 3rd Congressional District Democratic candidate Stephene Moore defined herself as a nurse, businesswoman,and a grandmother. She is also the wife of the retiring , 6-term incumbent Dennis Moore.

Moore said her main opponent, Kevin Yoder, was a career politician running from a flip floppy record as a Kansas legislator. She pointed out he'd voted for sales, income, and excise taxes during his years as a legislator.

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12:46 pm
Thu September 16, 2010

Kansas Backed Company Will Win Big By Vaccinating More Birds

Lenexa,Kansas – Congressional hearings on the salmonella outbreak will take place next week in Washington.

The goal- to try and understand what happened to cause the recent recall of almost half a billion eggs, and subsequent illness of hundreds of people. Congress will further look at ways to prevent an outbreak from happening in the future.

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee will hear from victims of salmonella, as well as poultry producers.

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12:38 pm
Thu September 16, 2010

Food Safety and Animal Health

Kansas City, Mo –

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9:07 am
Tue August 24, 2010

Local Bankers Tell Congressional Subcommittee Financial Reform Will Cost Them

Congressman Dennis Moore studying during his hearing \"Too Big Has Failed: Learning from Midwest Banks and Credit Unions.\"
Laura Ziegler

Johnson County, Kansas – Local bankers and credit union officers told a Financial Services Subcommittee hearing in Johnson County yesterday that the recent financial reform bill would place local banks at a competitive disadvantage.

David and Mariner Kemper, cousins, and CEO of Commerce Bank and UMB respectively, said their institutions have survived , and thrived, because they stuck to conservative, traditional banking practices. They both said they were community-based and emphasized relationships with their customers.

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3:18 pm
Fri July 30, 2010

Hot Race In Kansas 3rd Congressional District As Republicans Try To Pick Up Seat

The 3rd Congressional District in Kansas will be among the most closely watched races in the country this election season. Incumbent Dennis Moore is retiring after six terms, and his wife is among two Democrats vying to replace him in Washington.

Nine Republicans and one libertarian will be on the ballot as well.

It's a year in which Republicans are hoping they will be able to win back a seat in a district they feel has been rightfully theirs for a long time.


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1:54 pm
Wed July 28, 2010

Kansas Biosciences Get Boost From Partnership With USDA

The Kansas Bioscience Authority said at its annual meeting this week that the USDA will partner with Kansas to promote bioscience research.

The KBA says the partnership is a huge benefit to existing efforts to collaborate with local and state governments. The KBA also collaborates extensively with venture capital companies. The KBA has invested 50 million dollars in bioscience research, and has attracted a number of firms to the area who have promised to invest up to 200 million dollars.

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Kansas Statehouse
10:17 am
Mon July 26, 2010

Unconventional Race For Kansas Secretary Of State

National issues like immigration and dissatisfaction with government are at the center of rallies for Kansas Secretary of State candidate, Kris Kobach. Photo by Laura Ziegler

The Secretary of State's race in Kansas has become one of the most important races of the election season. Why? Because issues like immigration and questions about government accountability are part of the debate.

At the center of that debate -the controversial, telegenic UMKC law professor and immigration activist, Kris Kobach.

Kobach's been exciting crowds at fundraisers and Tea Party rallies all year. When Sarah Palin was in Independence, people cheered Kobach almost as much as Palin.

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12:18 pm
Mon July 19, 2010

Ruth Rhoden Delivered "Just Jazz"

The cover of one of Ruth Rhoden's albums, autographed for KCUR station manager Patty Cahill.

Ruth Rhoden died recently, on July 8, 2010. She was a jazz icon in Kansas City.

Kansas City, MO – For many jazz lovers, their weekends weren't complete unless they listened to Ruth Rhoden, and co-host Ginny Coleman on KCUR's Just Jazz. The program ran for 23 years.

Coleman was a tall, slender woman, prone to fitted pants suits, long red nails, and a perfectly coiffed and teased, jet black up-do.

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2:04 pm
Wed July 14, 2010

Bomb Scare Doesn't Bother Enthusiastic Supporters Of Kobach And Arizona Sheriff

Kris Kobach and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a fundraiser in Overland Park for Kobach's Secretary of State race. Photo by Laura Ziegler.

Overland Park, Kansas – A bomb scare at a fundraiser for Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach turned out to be a false alarm last night, but the overflow crowd never seemed concerned.

Police estimated some 1500 people were at the Ritz Charles Hotel in Overland Park as Kobach introduced guest speaker Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona.

Overland Park police chief John Douglass was rushed to the mike to make an announcement:

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2:21 pm
Sun July 11, 2010

Public Memorial Remembers Manute Bol

Photographs, basketballs, and flowers were in front of the alter at Antioch Church. Photo by Laura Ziegler

Kansas City, Missouri – Some 200 people came to Antioch Church last night - many who'd never met Manute Bol- to celebrate his life.

Since coming to live in Olathe a few years ago, Bol had kept a low profile. Since his NBA career, he'd spent most of his time, and resources, traveling back and forth from his native Sudan.

Last night, his wife and many of his family were still in Sudan, where Bol was buried next to his grandfather one week ago.

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4:56 pm
Thu July 8, 2010

President Obama: Thank You Smith Electric Vehicles

Kansas City, Missouri – President Obama came to Kansas City to thank workers and executives of Smith Electric Vehicles for helping stimulate the economy with the production of electric trucks.

Smith Electric has received $32 million in stimulus funds in the form of grants from the Department of Energy.

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12:01 pm
Sun June 20, 2010

Family Of Manute Bol Tries To Make Funeral Plans

In this Jan. 26, 1993 photo, New York Knicks' Patrick Ewing, right, is blocked by Philadelphia 76ers' Manute Bol during an NBA game at New York's Madison Square Garden.AP Photo/Jim Sulley

Kansas City, Missouri – Former NBA center Manute Bol will be buried in his village in Southern Sudan, family members said last night.

Bol, who died Saturday at the University of Virgina Charlottesville Medical Center, told his cousin Simon Deng that when he died, he wanted to be buried next to his father in their village of Turlai. Simon Deng is now helping Bol's family in Olathe make funeral arrangements. He explained that in Sudan, it's customary for people to be buried with their relatives.

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10:40 am
Sat June 19, 2010

Basketball Legend Manute Bol Dies In Virginia Hospital

Manute Bol with fellow Dinka tribesmen in Southern Sudan. Photo Credit Tom Prichard

Kansas City, MO – Manute Bol, at 7'7" one of the tallest men to play for the NBA, died this morning in a Charlottesville, Va. Hospital. He had been ill with a variety of problems and was hospitalized a month ago upon his return from his most recent trip to his home country of Sudan. According to family members, his death was caused from irrepressible internal bleeding - a complication from a rare skin disease called Stevens Johnson Syndrome. The syndrome simulates burning of the skin, and Bol was transferred to a burn unit in Charlottesville the day after his arrival in Washington, D.C.

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9:40 am
Sat June 12, 2010

Power And Light District Draws World Cup Watchers

Kansas City, Missouri – In case you haven't heard, The World Cup Soccer Tournament started Friday.

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6:34 pm
Thu June 10, 2010

More Than 2 Dozen Kansas Candidates Just Make Filing Deadline

Shawnee Mission, Kansas – June 10th, noon, was the filing deadline for Kansans who wanted to run for office. Some 25 hopeful state legislators, U.S. representatives, even 2 U.S. Senate candidates got in just under the gun.

There are 7 candidates - 6 of them Republican - running for the 1st Congressional district in Western Kansas. 9 filed for the Senate seat vacated by Sam Brownback.

Brownback, who is running for Governor, filed just 10 days ago. His primary opponent, Joan Heffington, filed yesterday.

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1:39 am
Thu June 10, 2010

GOP Players Also Engaged In Race For Secretary Of State

Kansas City – It's unclear how news of financial mismanagement at the Kansas GOP will affect the race for Secretary of State.

The Topeka Capitol Journal reported earlier this week that an FEC audit revealed the Kansas GOP inappropriately or illegally handled hundreds of thousands of dollars during 2007 and 2008.

Kris Kobach, now a candidate for Secretary of State, was the party chair during that time.

Kobach said he knew the issue is a distraction, but said he wasn't concerned it would hurt him politically.

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8:47 pm
Fri June 4, 2010

Gay Pride Group Brings Quilt Project To Kansas City

Kansas City, Mo. – As Gay Pride Week wraps up in Kansas City, events at the Power and Light District and Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park will feature local and national music headliners.

At a sit-down dinner under a massive tent tonight along the Missouri River, the walls will be lined with quilts. They are from The Names Project Foundation's Aids Memorial Quilt. The Aids Memorial Quilt is the living memorial to the thousands of men and women who've died of HIV-AIDS. Friends and family sew personal messages on quilt panels about victims of the disease.

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11:52 pm
Mon May 17, 2010

Manute Bol Hospitalized In Virginia On Way Back To Olathe

Manute Bol being welcomed by villagers in his home town of Turalei,Southern Sudan. Photo by Tom Prichard- Sudan Sunrise.

Kansas City, Mo. – Manute Bol was recognized on the basketball court for his legendary skill as a center. Off the court, he's become known for his work helping to restore peace and prosperity in his native Sudan, as well as for his remarkable 7'7" height.

Bol was on his way home to Olathe from Southern Sudan when he fell ill.

He underwent emergency dialysis for kidney failure. He got immediate medication for a rare skin disease known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It came on as an allergic reaction to pain medication.

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