Wyandotte County

3:55 pm
Fri January 2, 2015

'Urban Opportunity Zones' Potentially Coming To Kansas City, Kansas

An offshoot of Kansas’ Rural Opportunity Zones program could be moving into Wyandotte County, pending approval from the state legislature.

Wyandotte County officials are optimistic that Gov. Sam Brownback will introduce the plan to the Kansas legislature soon. Brownback first debuted the idea for “Urban Opportunity Zones” on the campaign trail in August.

The zones would entice out-of-state residents to move into Kansas with a five-year income tax exemption, up to $15,000 in help for student loan payments, and significant property tax breaks for 15 years.

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Up To Date
5:28 pm
Tue December 2, 2014

KCK Mayor Mark Holland: 'We're Going To Move The Needle'

The Healthy Campus master plan for development in downtown Kansas City, Kan.
Credit Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kan.

“We don’t have time to wait for a survey to find out what people need. We’ve already known the work, and we know what people need.” That was at-large Commissioner Mark Holland in March of 2013 at a mayoral candidate forum.

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Beyond Our Borders
12:52 pm
Wed November 19, 2014

Kansas Stereotypes Turn Quickly To The Suburbs In Kansas City

Suburban life has become synonymous with parts of Johnson and Wyandotte counties in recent Kansas City history.
Credit futureatlas.com / Flickr--CC

Do you use the word, Kansas, as shorthand for the suburbs?

Our daily talk show Central Standard explored that question Wednesday.

There’s some truth to the perception that the Kansas side of the metropolitan area is way more suburban than the “real city” in the Show-Me-State, said Bill Coldiron.

Coldiron, of Overland Park, Kan., is a member of Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kan., where KCUR held a community forum last week as part of our Beyond Our Borders series.  

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Central Standard
4:19 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

The Wyandot History Of Wyandotte County

A two-acre cemetery in downtown Kansas City, Kan. is one of the few public reminders of the Wyandot Nation, whose trail of tears brought them to the area in the early 19th century. Yet the Wyandot had an influence on what was to become Wyandotte County, as well as Kansas' civil war history.


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1:30 pm
Sat September 20, 2014

Wyandotte County Opens New Urban Hiking And Biking Trail

(Left to right) Wyandotte County Commissioner Brian McKiernan, Kaw Valley Drainage District Board Chair Bundy Jenkins and Wyandotte County Mayor/CEO Mark Holland praised the opening of the new path Saturday morning.
Credit Ben Palosaari

The beginning of the new Armourdale Hike and Bike – Island View Loop trail doesn’t look much like the gateway to urban nature oasis.

It’s adjacent to an industrial park and underneath the 18th Street Expressway Bridge, next to unused railroad tracks. There’s a fair amount of broken glass and other debris littering the ground around the trail.

But on Saturday morning, jubilant city officials in workout clothes opened the trail to the public, and the talk was largely of turkeys, deer and bald eagles that live near the trail.

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Heartland Health Monitor
1:24 pm
Thu August 7, 2014

Figures Reveal Racial Divide In Swimming Pool Deaths

LaShana McGee, of Piper, Kan., stands in the shallow end of the pool at he Providence YMCA/Ball Family Center in Kansas City, Kan., with her 9-year-old daughter, KayLynn, who takes swimming lessons at the facility.
Credit Mike Sherry / The Hale Center for Journalism

LaShana McGee marvels at the exploits of her 4-year-old daughter around their neighborhood pool in Piper, Kan.

“She goes straight to the deep end. It’s crazy,” McGee says. “I don’t know why she does that, but she does. She just jumps right in, and she will swim her way back to the stairs where you get in.”

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9:24 pm
Wed July 23, 2014

Sporting Announces New Facility, Makes Kansas City Indisputable 'Soccer Town'

A rendering on display at the announcement at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan., shows what the facility may look like.
Credit Greg Echlin / KCUR

Much like the winning drivers at Kansas Speedway next door, Sporting Kansas City is taking a victory lap.

Firmly planted in Kansas City with a state-of-the-art soccer venue and a first class practice facility and fields, Sporting Kansas City steered the area to another level with an announcement Wednesday of a proposed National Training and Coaching Development Facility in Kansas City, Kan.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was on hand for the formal announcement at Sporting Park before Sporting KC took the field for an international friendly match against Manchester City FC.

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Central Standard
4:45 pm
Tue July 22, 2014

The Modern Role Of State And County Fairs

Food vendors are setting up at the Wyandotte County Fair.
Credit Christina Lieffring / KCUR

Counties and states all over America host seasonal fairs. Originally, they were organized to share the latest technology in agriculture and genes among livestock. But in an age of instant information are state and county fairs still relevant? On Tuesday's Central Standard, we investigate the modern function of fairs, and talk with some professional livestock judges about their criteria for appraising animals and producing the food of tomorrow.


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Central Standard
10:13 am
Tue July 22, 2014

Wyandotte County Fair Connects Kids With Agricultural Roots

Allyson Billings relaxes with her pet rabbit.
Christina Lieffring KCUR

People usually associate state and county fairs with Ferris wheels and food on a stick. But in areas that have seen their demographics shift from rural to urban populations, these fairs are now serving a new role of connecting city folk to their country roots.

One way the Wyandotte County Fair, which runs July 22 to 26, does this is through its competitions in arts and crafts, food, agriculture and livestock, run by the local 4-H club.

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6:00 am
Thu July 10, 2014

Futsal Soccer Catches On In Kansas City

Children play a game of futsal soccer, which involves fewer players and a smaller field, at Wyandotte High School.
Credit Greg Echlin / KCUR

The soccer craze in the Kansas City area wasn’t just captured in the Power & Light District watch parties for the World Cup games.

It’s evident on full-size soccer fields on both sides of the state line. But the metropolitan area's newest soccer passion may be churning up on mini-courts in Kansas City, Kan.

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12:34 pm
Thu June 26, 2014

Johnson County Ranked One Of The 'Easiest' Places To Live In U.S.

This map from The New York Times ranks counties based on quality of life indicators such as median household income and obesity rate.
Credit The Upshot / The New York Times

Johnson County, Kan., is one of the easiest places to live in the United States, according to a new study by The New York Times

The New York Times ranked counties based on six criteria: education, unemployment rate, median household income, disability rate, life expectancy and obesity rate.

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Heartland Health Monitor
12:54 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Summit In KCK Takes Fighting Hunger Beyond The Food Drive

Oran Hesterman, CEO of the Fair Food Network in Ann Arbor, Mich., held up a miniature replica of a billboard his organization had throughout Detroit advertising its Double Up Food Bucks program for food stamp recipients. Hesterman was in Kansas City, Kan., on Thursday for a food summit.
Credit KCPT

John Hornbeck came to a Thursday forum in Kansas City, Kan., with two cans of green beans.

His point was to illustrate that solving hunger isn’t as simple as merely providing someone something to eat — especially when health is thrown into the mix.

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Up to Date
9:43 am
Wed February 26, 2014

Looking At The State Of KCK And WyCo

Mark Holland has been mayor of Kansas City, Kan., for nearly a year.

It’s been nearly a year since Mark Holland became mayor of Kansas City, Kan., and it’s time to see what influence he’s wielded in the city over that time.

On Wednesday's Up to Date, Mayor Holland joins us in the studio to talk about the city’s economic development, public health programs and other issues.


  • Mark Holland, mayor of the unified government of Kansas City, Kan., and Wyandotte County
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10:23 am
Thu April 25, 2013

5 Things Former Mayor Reardon Is Proud Of Accomplishing

Former Mayor Joe Reardon says there is a lot he is proud of, and a lot that still needs to be done.
Credit Laura Ziegler / KCUR

Wednesday was Joe Reardon’s last day in office.

The popular, 2-term head of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas says there were many things he was proud of accomplishing, and a few things he regretted not getting done.

Here are the things he was most proud of:

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6:36 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

KCK Mayoral Foes Battle By Substance And Style

Ann Murguia and Mark Holland are Wyandotte County voters' choices for mayor.
Credit Dan Verbeck / KCUR

Wyandotte County voters on Tuesday will decide who holds the reins as Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.

KCUR’s Dan Verbeck has background on two candidates who bring distinctly different approaches to operating the post.

Each serves as a member of the local governing commission, survivors of a spirited primary campaign and election. The candidates appeared to answer questions posed by a panel in a forum at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Appearing in alphabetical order:

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11:07 am
Thu March 21, 2013

Kansas County Health Rankings Very Similar to Last Year’s

A map showing the distribution of 2013 health outcomes. Counties in white rank highest in heath outcomes and hose in dark green rank the lowest.
Courtesy Kansas Health Institute

According to the latest Kansas County Health Rankings, Johnson and Riley counties have the healthiest residents in Kansas again this year.  Wyandotte County and a cluster of counties in southeast Kansas remain among the least healthy.

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7:56 am
Tue February 26, 2013

Elections Still On: Hours Extended, Polling Places Changed


Update Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. Due to the weather, polling places have been consolidated in both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties. Find polling places for Wyandotte County here and Johnson County here

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Up to Date
6:00 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Snow Affects Elections, Area Recreation

Beth Lipoff

Whether you're lining up to vote or hitting the slopes, the snow will affect your day Tuesday.

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10:53 pm
Sat February 23, 2013

Wyandotte Mayor Candidates Debate Blight, Bureaucracy And Windfall Funds


On Tuesday, voters in Wyandotte County will narrow the field of candidates for the Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.  The number running will be reduced from five to two, going into the April general election.  KCUR’s Dan Verbeck reports on candidates’ backgrounds and issue-positions that have appeared since the campaign began in earnest only a month ago.

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Up to Date
9:12 pm
Sun February 17, 2013

Candidates Seek Kansas City, Kansas Top Post

In 1997, voters consolidated the governments of Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County into one jurisdiction

When Joe Reardon said he was stepping down as mayor of Kansas City, Kan. and CEO of Wyandotte County, it surprised many.

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9:04 pm
Thu February 7, 2013

County Cashes In On Casino Money, Directs It To Public Health


Wyandotte County has cashed in on its first payment from a new casino at the Kansas Speedway.

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KC Currents
12:52 pm
Mon June 11, 2012

Filling An Empty Shell: What Will Replace The EPA In Downtown KCK?

The EPA Regional Headquarters office building in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

The Environmental Protection Agencies’ Regional Headquarter Offices in downtown Kansas City, Kansas will officially be relocating to a new location this fall.  Their new home?  The former Applebee’s headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas. 

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6:41 pm
Mon June 4, 2012

Wyandotte County Continues To Battle Low Health Status

Note cards used during a group exercise at a community meeting last week about health issues in Wyandotte County.

That Wyandotte County is grappling with some major health issues is no secret.  It’s ranked one of the least healthy regions in Kansas, and findings from a recent health assessment reaffirm the challenges:

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Central Standard
10:15 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Civil Rights Exhibit Displays The Power Of Popular Media

Charlie Upchurch KCUR

In 1955, Emmitt Till was a young boy visiting family in the South, and was brutally murdered. After his death, his mother made the decision to send the explicit photos of his autopsy to the media, saying, “Let the world see what I’ve seen.”

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1:11 pm
Wed April 25, 2012

Medical Software Giant Expands In KCK

Construction at Cerner's new campus, near Sporting Kansas City's soccer stadium in Kansas City, Ks., began in February.
Elana Gordon KCUR

Construction is now underway at Cerner’s new campus near the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. Once completed, the $190 million development will contain two nine-story buildings on a 660,000 square-foot campus and employ thousands of people.

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