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Wornall House

Laura Spencer / KCUR

The Alexander Majors House, a two-story white antebellum home, is a relic from the 1850's, and still stands at 82nd and State Line. It was built by one of the founders of the Pony Express, and it's tucked next to an office building, just north of Ward Parkway Shopping Center.

Inside the house, there’s historic furniture and fixtures, and also on the property, a blacksmith’s shop, carriages, and a barn – where, for now, there’s a newly restored piano. 

KC History: Wornall/Majors House Museums

Oct 25, 2012

You've driven past those historic houses in Kansas City, and no doubt they've piqued your curiosity.  What's inside?  Who once lived there?  And how do these places figure into our area's history?