World's Fair

April 8, 2012
12:41 pm
Fri April 6, 2012

Rebuilding Prospect, Revelations Of Ancient Peru, Remembering Past World’s Fairs

Veteran businessman Kenneth Bledsoe with his wife and son.
Susan B. Wilson KCUR

The show for April 8, 2012. Click "Listen" to hear the entire show; see below for individual stories.

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Visual Arts
5:00 am
Fri April 6, 2012

Innovation The Key To World's Fair Exhibition

The Crystal Palace from the northeast from Dickinson's Comprehensive Pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851, published 1854.
Wikipedia Commons

The first World’s Fair was held in London in 1851. It's a tradition that continues today; Expo 2012 takes place May 12 - August 12 in South Korea.

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