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Election 2014
11:13 am
Fri October 31, 2014

Will Voting Problems Give Kansas An Election Night Limbo?

Beth Hiller (left), and her daughter, Cheryl Logan at Brewster Place, a retirement home in Topeka.
Credit Peggy Lowe / KCUR

Beth Hiller has been a member of the GOP since back when it really was the Grand Old Party, as her daughter says.

Hiller is 97-years-old, born and raised on a Kansas dairy farm, and a lifelong Republican. Her mother and father were Republican. Her husband, John Hiller, was the Shawnee County GOP chair, as well as the Kansas delegate to the U.S. Electoral College.

“Voting in our family was always a big deal,” said Cheryl Logan, Hiller’s daughter. “It was an event. We all hopped in the car, we got to the polling place and it was kind of a social event, too.”

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