Tyler McNeely

Cops & Crime
9:33 am
Thu April 18, 2013

Supreme Court Rules Police Must Get Search Warrant For Most DUI Blood Tests

The United States Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police must obtain a search warrant to draw blood in routine drunk driving arrests.

The case stems from a 2010 drunk driving arrest in Cape Girardeau. At question is whether a Missouri Highway Patrol Officer violated Tyler McNeely’s protection from unreasonable search and seizure when he drew McNeely’s blood with neither a warrant nor his permission.

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Cops & Crime
9:25 am
Wed September 26, 2012

Missouri Drunk Driving Case Heads To U.S. Supreme Court

orangesparrow Flickr

A Cape Girardeau drunk driving case is going all the way to the U.S.  Supreme Court.  The court will decide if police can give a blood test without a warrant.

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