5:39 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

KU Student Diagnosed With Tuberculosis

Campus officials say a student on the KU Lawrence campus has been confirmed to have tuberculosis.

KU officials say the student is doing well, and is expected to make a full recovery. Health officials are conducting a TB contact investigation.

Fewer than 50 people are believed to be at risk from exposure to the communicable lung disease. They will all be tested to see whether they've been infected. If so, they'll be treated with antibiotics.

11:37 am
Thu January 13, 2011

Testing Begins At KCK School After Student Diagnosed With TB

Kansas City, KS – An eighth grader at Rosedale Middle School in Kansas City, Kansas has been diagnosed with an active case tuberculosis, or TB.

Officials at the school say they can't remember having ever dealt with a case of TB before. They met with several dozen parents last night to discuss the situation. Jannette Ayala has two kids at Rosedale. She says she has several questions about the situation.

"When are they going to do the testing? How soon are they going to get it done? How many other students have it[TB]?"

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