Teddy Roosevelt

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2:56 pm
Wed December 4, 2013

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Weighs In On Teddy Roosevelt

'The Bully Pulpit' is historian Doris Kearns Goodwin's latest work of presidential history.

He’s the namesake of your kid’s cuddly toy, but Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t a big softie. His fierce battle for the 1912 presidential nomination had both Roosevelt and Taft baring their teeth.

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Obama Pitches Version of Roosevelt's "Square Deal"
6:19 pm
Tue December 6, 2011

Obama in KS: "We Must Restore the Middle Class"

Dan Verbeck/KCUR

Osawatomie, Kan. - President Obama gave an hour-long address in Osawatomie on Tuesday where he focused on the economy and creating a level playing-field for all Americans. KPR's Stephen Koranda was in the crowd and filed this report.

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Obama in Osawatomie
10:10 pm
Sun December 4, 2011

Obama Rides with Teddy Roosevelt in Osawatomie

President Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Osawatomie Kansas Tuesday, and the speech he’ll give there could mark a tougher approach to his ongoing fight with congressional Republicans.

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