Kansas City 'Lost Boys' Inspire Feature Film

Sep 30, 2014

The Good Lie, a new film opening this weekend starring Reese Witherspoon, follows journey of three young Sudanese refugees from South Sudan to the United States. This fictional film drew from the stories of many real-life Sudanese refugees, including some in Kansas City. 


  • Ger Duany​, actor/model
  • Emmanuel Jal, actor/musician
  • Molly Smith, producer

Sudanese Refugees in KC

Mar 7, 2013

When South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan on July 9th 2011, it was the outcome of a peace deal that ended Africa’s longest running civil war; a war that resulted in millions of lives lost to ethnic and religious warfare. On this Central Standard, we explore the community of Sudanese refugees who now live in Kansas City.

Kansas City has one of the largest Sudanese refugee populations in the country. And Stephanie Pearson wants to help teach them ... to teach.