At least 10 people were confirmed dead after a winter storm moved across Missouri Monday. Most of them drowned after driving along submerged roads.

Flood waters continued to submerge roads and lowlands across Missouri late Monday, including major highways. Portions of Interstate 44 were closed near Rolla and Fort Leonard Wood. I-70 eastbound was also closed in St. Charles County. 

Despite declaring a state of emergency on Sunday, Gov. Jay Nixon has no plans so far to activate the Missouri National Guard.

Early Warnings Reduced Human Loss From Tornadoes

Apr 16, 2012

The tornado systems that roared through Kansas over the weekend had an historic quality to them. An early warning appears to have limited the number of injuries as more than a hundred tornadoes touched down.



The tornado season started early in much of the nation and continued over the weekend. Spotters reported more than 120 tornadoes on Saturday. One killed five people in Woodward, Oklahoma. Others ripped into homes and businesses in Iowa and Kansas. And that includes the heart of the economy in Wichita, the aviation industry. Here's Frank Morris from member station KCUR.

Scenes From Saturday's Storms

Apr 15, 2012
@MannWhale / Instagram

People throughout the midwest and around the world had their eyes and their cameras on the storms that swept through the country Saturday. 

Tuesday's tornadoes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area produced some amazing videos of truck trailers being tossed into the air and homes being ripped apart.

"We've got two tornadoes, one in Dallas and one in Arlington. I just watched it plow through a tractor trailer parking lot like it was Godzilla in a temper tantrum."

That's how NPR's Wade Goodwyn just described the images being shown on local television in Texas.

The images from WFAA, the local ABC affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, show tractor trailers flailing across the air in the middle of a dark debris ball.

Emergency responders say that is was probably a tornado that ripped through the tiny town of Harveyville, Kansas last night.

Flood Danger Heralded

Jun 1, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – The council made up of Kansas City's six major industrial districts is warning that levees holding back rivers are in precarious condition. And money to do restoration work is barely being provided.

Kansas City's lowest lying areas are the industry districts, Central and Northeast Industrial, Dotson, Blue Valley, Swope and Bi State Turkey Creek. There are sixty miles of levees between 30 and more than 50 years old.

Fast, Vicious Storm Rips Metro KC

Apr 2, 2010
Jana Corrie, kmbc tv

Kansas City, Mo. – Thunderstorm winds raked a goodly portion of the metro region this morning, tipping trucks, tearing roofs and cutting electricity.

Wind blasts were estimated as high as 85 miles an hour, either as straight line or microburst. As many as 20,000 KCP&L customers in Kansas City, Missouri were without power. Another 10,000 rural homes and businesses in Platte County lost electricity.

The storm affected driving, safety and commerce in hundreds of businesses.